The notes are prepared as a part of Transfer of Knowledge programme: QUANTUM GROUPS . This is an eight semester long research programme which includes also courses on different aspects of noncommutative geometry. The notes presented on the web page contain material of lectures, prepared by the invited lecturers. It was gathered and put in the online form by Pawel Witkowski (except the "K-theory of operator algebras" course, for which the notes was prepared by Rainer Matthes and Wojciech Szymanski) with a lot of help of the authors themselves.

Each course has a separate web page with detailed description, table of contents, and lecture notes to download. There is also a set of exam questions at the bottom part of each course page. Apart of the notes for the course, there are also notes from a few seminar talks, which had place during the semester. You can download these at the course page too.

There are also online versions of the notes, for quick browsing, but they do not cover the whole material presented in the downloading section. These are generated automatically from the Latex source.

The notes are updated regularly during the semester, but be aware that the latest parts can contain errors. When the course is finished I usually put the final version of the notes on the page, just after the exam on the subject. Then I put the description "finished" at the main page, which means that it was carefully read by students and authors, so there are much less mistakes than in the version in the middle of semester.

If you find any mistake, please let me know about it by email or directly at the course. If you have any other suggestions about the look of the web page, materials that can be added or anything else, then please let me know too !

Pawel Witkowski
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