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6th October 2004, opening lecture
Survey of noncommutative geometry
Alain Connes
2004/2005, 1st semester
2004/2005, 2nd semester
K-theory of operator algebras
Rainer Matthes
Wojciech Szymański
Last update:
19.07.2005, finished
Foliations, C*-algebras and index theory
Paul F. Baum
Henri Moscovici
Last update:
19.07.2005, finished
2005/2006, 3rd semester
2005/2006, 4th semester
Dirac operators and spectral geometry
Joseph C. Varilly
Last update:
24.01.2006, finished
From Poisson to quantum geometry
Nicola Ciccoli
Last update:
26.06.2006, finished
2006/2007, 5th semester
2006/2007, 6th semester
Cyclic homology theory
Jean-Louis Loday
Mariusz Wodzicki
Last update:
16.04.2007, finished
Equivariant KK-theory and noncommutative index theory
Paul F. Baum
Jacek Brodzki
Last update:
17.09.2008, finished
2007/2008, 7th semester
2007/2008, 8th semester
Galois structures
Tomasz Brzeziński
George Janelidze
Tomasz Maszczyk
Last update:
30.09.2008, finished
The Baum-Connes conjecture, localisation of categories and quantum groups
Paul F. Baum
Ralf Meyer
Last update:
17.09.2008, Lectures 1-14
June 2008, closing lecture
Noncommutative geometry and quantum groups
Nigel Higson
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